Sunday Prayers

Due to my mother recovering from a knee replacement, the following prayers are focused on healing.

Dear God, we love you and know of your love for us. Your power is supreme. Your wonder is beyond description. Your healing is complete. Your will is our desire. Today we pray for your healing. You know it is our desire that those experiencing pain would be healed, would be made strong again, would be up and around again, full of life. Amen (Christian Minister’s Manual, 107)

God our healer, keep us aware of your presence, support us with your power, comfort us with your protection, give us strength and establish us in your peace. Amen (A New Zealand Prayerbook, 760)

Jesus, you are the great physician and you also experienced pain and suffering during your earthly ministry. Your pain became our salvation. We ask that you comfort and heal those who are experiencing pain. Help them to enter your restful embrace, so that in the midst of their pain, they would experience your presence and know that they are not alone. Amen (My prayer)